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I am an artist because I have a passion for art and the beauty it brings us. I paint primarily in watercolor since it is what most pleases me visually and mentally. I’ve had a burning desire to draw, paint and create since I was a child, all through the years of having and raising children, school volunteering, jobs and just life as I knew it. Finally, with my children grown and my life vastly different, I asked myself what I was waiting for and my artistic journey began.

I started with a watercolor class taught by a wonderful local artist, Jim Weisen, and studied primarily with him for over three years. While partially self-taught since, I have also taken classes or workshops from Terry Madden and many gifted local artists, including Stan Miller, Jack Rogers, Betty Jo Cook, Loretta Jenkins, Ginger Rose, Susan Rohrback and Shirley Wright. Most recently, I studied in a workshop taught by Dale Laitinen, given in conjunction with his visit to judge our Spokane Watercolor Society spring show at the Chase Gallery. I feel that each has helped to enrich my art. I am currently working and learning from my many art education books and on whatever inspires me.

I choose my subject matter as I chose my primary medium - what I am most drawn to, what I find beautiful and desirable, something I would want to live with in my own home. An emotional connection is necessary for me to paint at my best. I use my camera constantly whenever a scene catches my eye; even if there is a chance to sketch and make notes, the photo adds much to my painting experience. The reference material I gather is invaluable. I paint what I love-landscapes, mostly beaches or other types of water, gardens, mountain scenes; cityscapes including interesting old buildings/architectural features; anything having to do with flowers. I also love to do pencil portraits.

I have a persistent need to learn, improve and continue to grow in my art. I have begun working from some of the photographs I took on numerous trips over the past several years - things I told myself I would paint someday - using them as reference and inspiration. I always try to stretch myself in my art and am currently painting on a larger scale and in styles I am less familiar with; it is such an exciting challenge for me. Learning and trying new styles and media further ignites my love of the creative artistic process - and so my artistic journey joyfully continues.